Welcome to Our New Site

I am happy to announce that our new website is live!  I know how terrible the old one is, and I know how hard it has been in the past to get drawings and other information from us.

The good news is, we're working on it.  From having @sciprecast.com email addresses, to our new drawing and submittal style, we're trying to serve you better.  Our goal has always been to "provide concrete solutions to make your life easier."  Every time you call us, we think about what we would want if we were you, and we do our best to provide it.

Curb Inlet (Pipe Opening is in the Back)

Curb Inlet (Pipe Opening is in the Back)

I get feedback from customers all the time about how much a product we provided saved them time and money on the job.  That kind of feedback lets us know that we are headed in the right direction, so keep it coming.

For example, last year we started producing a curb inlet with a cast in place lid.  Traditionally, a cast iron curb inlet assembly had to be cast into a separate lid at a minimum.  As far as I know though, most installers bricked or formed them up in the field.  I can't say I've done either, but I have tried to cast them into a lid, and it was like a scene from the three stooges.  My hat's off to those of you that have installed these in the field because I could barely manage it with a crane!  A better solution was needed, and it is pictured here.  All in one, the holes are cast in place just like everything else on the structure.  Drop it in the excavation, place the pipes, and grout them up!  They don't take any more time than a drain inlet.  We've had excellent feedback on them from multiple installers.  One even told us that he wouldn't bid a job that called for them until now!

So if there is something that is not quite working for you, contact us, and let's find the solution.

Posted on January 19, 2014 .