Option 1: Send us the Prints

We can do the takeoff for you if your project has a set of prints available.  If you shoot us an email with the job information, we can probably pull up the prints from one of the construction databases that we subscribe to.  If the project is private, send us a copy of the prints in a digital format like a pdf.  If they are too large to email, we can provide you with a way to upload them.  Whatever the situation, we have a solution.

Option 2: Send us a Drawing

You can send us a drawing with measurements, and we'll work with you to get it built to your specifications.  We can open most file types, or you can even come in with a hand sketch.  We often do a quick hand sketch for customers that come in and aren't quite sure what they need, so we can even help you decide if your requirements are highly specialized.

Option 3: Send us a Takeoff

If you prefer to get a firm grasp on the details of the job before placing an order, you are welcome to provide us with a detailed takeoff.  We even have a few sheets that you can use, that will ensure that we have every detail necessary to build the structure that you are looking for.  We have takeoff sheets for: